Upskirting accused knifes cops in Japan courtroom drama

Seiji Yodogawa, 30, reportedly yelled “what a rotten justice system” as he lunged at the two officers standing in the court gallery and slashed them on their face and back with a hidden knife.

Yodogawa was immediately taken into custody on attempted murder charges, the spokesman added.

The two policemen were sent to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reported.

The courtroom drama erupted just as the judge was delivering a verdict in Yodogawa’s upskirting case.

He had been charged over allegations he secretly took pictures under a female train passenger’s skirt in Sendai, a coastal city north of Tokyo.

A Japanese man accused of taking pictures up a woman’s skirt stabbed two court officers Friday as the verdict in his sex pest case was being delivered, a court spokesman and media said. (

The head of the Japanese Olympic Committee says he hopes the northern city of Sapporo will bid to host the 2026 Winter Games if procedures are revised in its favor. (NHK)

Irises are in full bloom in a mountainous area in Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo. (NHK)

Japan’s future sovereign, Crown Prince Naruhito, has started a five-day visit to Denmark after the Japanese parliament last week passed a law allowing his father, Emperor Akihito, to become the first monarch to abdicate in 200 years. (

An investigation has found 27 cases in which high-ranking bureaucrats secured cushy jobs after retirement, apparently violating Japan’s national public service law, Kozo Yamamoto, minister for civil service systems, said Thursday. (Jiji)

Japanese farmers have urged lawmakers to stop officials from making too many concessions in an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union. (NHK)

Takata Corp , the Japanese company facing billions in liabilities stemming from its defective air bag inflators, is preparing to file for bankruptcy as early as next week as it works toward a deal for financial backing from U.S. auto parts maker Key Safety Systems Inc., sources said on Thursday. (Japan Times)

Japan, eclipsed by China in startup activity, is boosting efforts to get foreign venture capital firms more involved with its entrepreneurs. (

Two children who attended the same preschool in Kawasaki died within a week earlier this month, possibly due to an infectious disease, city officials said. (Japan Times)

A Cabinet Office panel of experts on Thursday effectively confirmed that Japan’s current economic expansion continued for the 53rd consecutive month in April, making it the third longest in the postwar period. (Jiji)

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