UPDATE1: Baseball: Suzuki gets 4,257th career hit, surpassing Rose’s total

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08:12 16 June 2016

SAN DIEGO, California, June 15, Kyodo

Ichiro Suzuki recorded two hits on Wednesday to reach the 4,257 mark for his professional career, surpassing the total of Major League Baseball’s career hit leader Pete Rose.

Suzuki went into the game against the San Diego Padres one shy of Rose’s total, and opened the first inning with a leadoff infield hit.

On a 1-0 fastball, Suzuki hit a slow grounder along the first base line that Padres catcher Derek Norris could not field in time to make an accurate throw.

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  • Ichiro's pro hit total surpasses Pete Rose's
  • Ichiro's pro hit total surpasses Pete Rose's

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