UPDATE1: Badminton: Momota, Tago visited illegal casino

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11:11 7 April 2016

TOKYO, April 7, Kyodo

Japanese badminton superstar Kento Momota and teammate Kenichi Tago frequented an establishment in Japan alleged to be an illegal casino, their team Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corp. said Thursday.

Momota, 21, who has booked a spot in this summer’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and Tago, 26, who suffered a first-round exit in the London Olympics in 2012, have admitted to visiting the establishment, NTT East said. Casino gambling is illegal in Japan.

Kinji Zeniya, executive director of the Nippon Badminton Association, said that if the allegations are confirmed, it would “probably be impossible” for Momota to compete at the Rio Olympics.

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  • Badminton: Momota, Tago visited illegal casino
  • Badminton: Momota, Tago visited illegal casino

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