Toyota to begin tests of fuel-cell vehicle in China

Toyota Motor Corp. has announced a plan to conduct tests of its Mirai, the world’s first commercially available fuel cell vehicle, in China from October.

Two Mirai vehicles will be used for the performance tests, which will last through 2020.

The leading Japanese automaker will also set up a hydrogen station at Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) Co., its research and development base in the country’s eastern Jiangsu province, partly in order to examine China’s hydrogen quality.

In addition, Toyota will showcase the Mirai at events in the country to promote eco-friendliness.

Toyota is gradually introducing eco-cars in China, where environmental regulations are being strengthened.

As part of the moves, the company launched hybrid vehicles there in 2015. Toyota is slated to start selling plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2018 and hopes to release electric vehicles within a few years.

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