Tokyo’s oldest temple vandalized

Police are trying to determine whether it is connected with several other cases of vandalism allegedly committed by 2 Chinese women who have been placed on a wanted list.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department says traces of an oil-like liquid have been found on the Zenizuka Benzaiten building on the west side of Sensoji temple’s main hall in Asakusa.

Investigators have yet to determine what the substance is or when the vandalism occurred.

The 2 Chinese citizens, Piao Shanai and Piao Jinyu, were put on the nationwide wanted list on Thursday for allegedly vandalizing Meiji Shrine in Tokyo on April 3rd. The women, both 49-years-old, have already left Japan.

Love, marriage; marriage, love. It was so simple, once upon a time. (Japan Times)

A building inside Tokyo’s oldest temple has been found to have been vandalized with an oil-like liquid. (NHK)

An elderly man and his would-be rescuer were struck and killed at a rail crossing in Kawasaki on Saturday when the latter tried to unsuccessfully drag the former out of the path of a train, police said. (Japan Today)

The government has decided to tolerate the use of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography “Mein Kampf” (“My Struggle”) as teaching material in schools. (Japan Times)

The man arrested over the death of a 9-year-old Vietnamese girl in Chiba Prefecture had been seen talking to the victim while he was on patrol duty near her school, investigative sources said Saturday. (Japan Times)

A tourist train running on tracks of a now-defunct local railway operator in the town of Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture, southwestern Japan, is winning popularity for its panoramic views of nature. (Jiji)

Thai authorities are expected to repatriate next week a Japanese woman put on an international wanted list for allegedly running an illegal investment scheme in Japan. (NHK)

A scenic mountain route running through the Northern Alps in central Japan has fully reopened after a winter break. (NHK)

Japan plans to push forward talks to put a Pacific rim trade pact into force without the United States, which withdrew from the multination agreement in January as President Donald Trump pursues bilateral trade deals, a government source said Saturday. (Japan Today)

Japan’s Taro Kurachi and Takumi Miyake have won the top places in the men’s senior and junior age divisions, respectively, in the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition in New York. (Jiji)

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