Takanashi soars to 13th victory of season

Ski jumper Sara Takanashi won her 13th World Cup competition with two over-100-meter jumps on Saturday, eight days after securing her third overall championship.

The 19-year-old reached 101 meters for 126.2 points with her first jump and went even further with her second, reaching 103 meters for 126.4 points to finish on 252.6 at the 106-meter, K-95 hill for her 43rd career win.

“I thought I grasped the characteristics of the hill (from practicing the day before), but during the competition, my timing was late,” Takanashi said. “I’d like to address the issues that arose today for the next meet.

“Each World Cup event is important and it’s a matter of how you do your best.”

Austrian Daniela Iraschko-Stolz was second with 245.3, and compatriot Jacqueline Seifriedsberger third with 239.2.

With a second competition in Almaty on Sunday and two in Romania next weekend, Takanashi has the chance to beat her own record of 15 wins in a single season, which she achieved in 2013-14.

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