Takahama nuclear reactor restarted

Plant workers began pulling control rods out of the No.4 reactor at 5 PM on Wednesday.

It runs on MOX fuel, which is a mixture of plutonium extracted from spent nuclear fuel and uranium.

The reactor is to reach criticality, a self-sustained nuclear reaction, in about 13 hours by around 6 AM on Thursday. The operator, Kansai Electric Power Company, plans to start power generation and transmission to the grid on Monday next week.

The power utility plans to resume commercial operations with the reactor in mid-June.

Wednesday’s restart brought the number of reactors operating in Japan to 4, including 2 reactors at Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture and one at Ikata plant in Ehime Prefecture.

One of the reactors at Takahama nuclear plant in the central Japanese prefecture of Fukui has been restarted for the first time in 15 months. (NHK)

NHK has learned that Princess Mako is expected to become engaged to a man she met at university. (NHK)

Investigative sources with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have revealed that a teenage boy arrested on suspicion of killing his girlfriend likely drowned her before setting her residence on fire earlier this month, reports NHK (tokyoreporter.com)

While Japan’s failure to spur inflation continues to generate angst about the nation’s future, gross domestic product data this week is likely to show that the economy has still managed to eke out five straight quarters of expansion. (bloomberg.com)

KURUMIN Aroma was just walking down the street when she thought she found the opportunity of a lifetime. Little did she know she was being tricked into the porn industry and would later struggle to escape. (news.com.au)

In Japan, women can’t ascend to the throne, nor can they retain their royal status if they marry a commoner. (nine.com.au)

Three men have been arrested for allegedly assaulting a 51-year-old man and robbing him of 4.5 million yen after breaking into his house in Hachioji City, reports TV Asahi. (tokyoreporter.com)

The news that Princess Mako of Japan is getting engaged to a man she met at university has come as a pleasant surprise to those who know them. (NHK)

The number of regular international flights to Japan is expected to reach a record 5,169 per week this summer, according to the Japanese transport ministry. The increase may boost spending by foreign visitors as well as overseas trips by Japanese travelers.

Like most comedians in Japan, 30-year-old Ike Nwala is an all-arounder. He does live shows with two different comedy troupes, appears on variety shows, and does commercials. He’s on TV just about every day, which is a typical workload for a rising star in Tokyo. (vice.com)

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