Shoe shop goes bust after holding closing sale for more than 20 years

Shoes Otto, which started the “going out of business sale” after the burst in the early 1990s of Japan’s asset-inflated bubble economy and continued it through last year as a marketing tactic, formally went bankrupt on April 26 this year, Tokyo Shoko Research said.

Among the mainstay products of the shoe shop in Osaka was a lineup of “secret shoes,” or elevator shoes with thick insoles under the heels to make wearers look taller than they really were.

The Kobe District Court’s Amagasaki Branch declared the shop bankrupt on April 26. The shop had stopped operating in February last year.

A 35-year-old man was arrested for disrupting railway operations on the Keihin Tohoku line on Thursday night, after he jumped onto train tracks following trouble with another passenger on the train, police said Friday. (Japan Today)

A Japanese shoe shop known for holding a “store-closing sale” for more than 20 years finally went bust, a credit research agency said Friday. (Japan Today)

Work to restore the main tower of Kumamoto Castle was shown to media on Friday, about one year after a series of earthquakes struck Kumamoto City, western Japan. (NHK)

Legendary Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki has come out of retirement from making feature-length films. (NHK)

A US Department of Defense official says that a second aircraft carrier will be sent to the waters near the Korean Peninsula. (NHK)

A female stork, a species designated as a special national treasure, was killed Friday as a hunter shot it by accident in Shimane Prefecture, police and a local education board said Friday. (Japan Today)

Japan topped the 2017 world skiing destination rankings, replacing New Zealand, Australia’s International Traveller magazine has said. (Jiji)

The estimated number of foreign visitors to Japan this year exceeded 10 million on Saturday, crossing the threshold at the fastest pace on an annual cumulative basis, Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Akihiko Tamura said Friday. (Jiji)

New university graduates in Japan are enjoying the best job market on record. (NHK)

A drone-like object was spotted flying above one of the four Chinese ships that entered Japanese waters near the Senkaku Islands in the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa Thursday, according to the Japan Coast Guard. (Jiji)

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