Rescuers find wreckage of missing GSDF plane in Hokkaido

Police and rescue workers found pieces of the aircraft scattered over a wide swath around 3 km from the peak of Mt. Hakamagoshi in the city of Hokuto. The Air Self-Defense Force confirmed sightings of the wreckage.

It was not immediately clear if any of the crew had survived.

Earlier in the day, some 1,800 people, including the Self-Defense Forces personnel, police and rescue workers resumed the search for the aircraft that had been carrying four male crew members. The search had been hampered by rain and fog that prevented the SDF from conducting air searches.

The LR-2 reconnaissance aircraft disappeared from radar some 20 minutes after taking off Okadama Airport in Sapporo around 11:25 a.m. Monday while en route to Hakodate Airport, where it was due to pick up a patient, a doctor and other personnel, the Defense Ministry said.

The aircraft lost contact with ground control around 11:45 a.m. at an altitude of 900 meters as it was preparing to make an instrument landing due to low visibility.

It vanished from radar about a minute later, the ministry said.

Rescuers in a mountainous area of Hokkaido on Tuesday found wreckage from a Ground Self-Defense Force aircraft that went missing a day earlier in poor weather. (Japan Times)

In a bid to help reduce teachers’ overtime, Japan’s education ministry will launch a program next month to send advisers to local education boards. (Jiji)

Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party failed on Monday to sum up opinions to strengthen countermeasures against passive smoking by revising a related law. (Jiji)

Japanese companies, municipalities and citizens have fallen prey to cyberattacks that began hitting targets worldwide late last week, it was learned Monday. (Jiji)

About 500 people wearing ancient costumes and hollyhocks paraded through the streets of Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto. The procession is part of a traditional festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year. (NHK)

North Korea says it successfully test-launched a new type of ground-to-ground ballistic missile on Sunday. (NHK)

A man waiting for a helicopter rescue on a mountain in Yamanashi Prefecture was fatally struck Sunday by stones and parts of trees possibly dislodged by the hovering chopper’s prop wash, local police said. (Japan Times)

The government and ruling parties plan to introduce a system enabling pachinko parlors and other gambling facilities to ban the entry of people with serious addiction, government sources say. (Japan Today)

The mayor of a central Japan city who is appealing a high court conviction for bribery secured his third term Sunday after becoming the only person to file candidacy for the May 21 election by the start of the official campaign period. (Japan Today)

Japan’s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said the ballistic missile North Korea launched on Sunday may be a new type of missile. (NHK)

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