Rare blobfish, deemed world’s ugliest creature, goes on display at Fukushima aquarium

Aquamarine Fukushima in Iwaki said it is rare for blobfish, which are found in the northern Pacific Ocean and off the coasts of Japan and California, to be captured alive and displayed in an aquarium.

The 60-cm blobfish was accidentally trapped in mid-May in a gill net set by a Fukushima fisherman off the coast of Rausu, Hokkaido, at a depth of 750 to 1,200 meters. Its jelly-like, pinkish flesh has lots of flaps that formed when it was pulled up from the deep.

The blobfish was declared the world’s ugliest creature in a voting campaign conducted by the U.K.-based Ugly Animal Preservation Society, according to the aquarium.

The launch of a rocket carrying a satellite that’s part of Japan’s version of a global positioning system was a success. (NHK)

A blobfish, a deep-sea blob sculpin fish dubbed the world’s ugliest animal, has been put on display at an aquarium in Fukushima Prefecture. (Japan Times)

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 20-year-old employee at a Japanese restaurant in Toshima Ward for allegedly molesting a female customer inside the establishment last month, reports Fuji News Network (tokyoreporter.com)

The Japan Coast Guard has arrested 5 Japanese and 3 Chinese men on suspicion of smuggling what appears to be over 200 kilograms of gold bullion into the country. (NHK)

The average concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit record highs at all observation points in Japan in 2016, the Meteorological Agency said Wednesday, underscoring the continuing upward trend in levels of the global warming-causing greenhouse gas. (Japan Times)

Japan Post Co., a unit of Japan Post Holdings Co., will raise mail rates on Thursday, the first full-fledged hikes since January 1994, excluding markups on consumption tax increases. (Jiji)

Tokyo Metropolitan Police plan to question a man who is believed to have attempted suicide after strangling his mother to death in Shinagawa Ward on Wednesday, reports Nippon News Network. (tokyoreporter.com)

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has sought China’s cooperation in dealing with North Korea. (NHK)

The number of companies in Japan fell 6.3 pct from February 2012 to 3,866,537 as of June 1 last year, a government survey showed Wednesday. (Jiji)

Struggling Japanese electronics giant Toshiba will again postpone its earnings report. (NHK)

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