Police sergeant arrested over suspected family slaying in Fukuoka

Mitsuru Nakata, a 38-year-old sergeant with the Fukuoka Prefectural Police, is accused of being involved in the deaths of his family, including 38-year-old wife Yukiko Nakata, son Ryosuke, 9, and daughter Miyu, 6.

Their ‘ bodies were found at their home and Nakata denies the allegation.

The sergeant works for the prefectural police’s communications dispatch division.

“This is an unprecedented scandal in the history of the prefectural police,” said an investigative source.

The police initially suspected murder-suicide, given the signs of strangulation on the two children. However, the police now suspect Nakata tried to alter the scene to point to suicide.

An autopsy later found signs the wife had also been strangled, prompting the police to treat the case as a possible murder.

Before he was arrested, the suspect told investigators that on his day off Monday he slept in the house with the three at night, and that they were still sleeping when he left for work around 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, according to the police.

Autopsy results showed that the two children were dead by 5 a.m. Tuesday, contradicting his claim.

A police sergeant was arrested Thursday on suspicion of killing his wife found dead Tuesday in Fukuoka Prefecture. (Japan Times)

Kanagawa Prefectural Police have arrested the representative director of the company that manages a long-running chain of live music venues over the alleged sale of marijuana, reports TBS News (tokyoreporter.com)

A special committee of the House of Councillors, the upper chamber of Japan’s parliament, on Wednesday passed government-sponsored special legislation for Emperor Akihito’s abdication. (Jiji)

The number of households on welfare in Japan in March increased by 2,588 from the previous month to hit a record high of 1,641,523, up for the first time in three months, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Wednesday. (Japan Times)

A Japanese research team on Wednesday submitted an application to an international organization for the geological age from 770,000 to 126,000 years ago to be recognized as “Chibanian,” named after Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. (Jiji)

A Japanese man was charged Tuesday in court with two counts of murder for the brutal slaying of two Japanese nationals last week in the western Philippine province of Palawan, official documents obtained Wednesday showed. (Japan Today)

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency said Wednesday that 22,000 becquerels of radioactive plutonium-239 was detected in the lung of a staff member exposed to radiation at the agency’s research facility in Ibaraki Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo. (Jiji)

The rainy season appears to have started in wide swaths of eastern, central and western Japan, the weather agency said Wednesday, warning of downpours and natural disasters during the roughly six-week period. (Japan Times)

The long arm of the law may be reaching out to Japan’s largest criminal syndicate and its breakaway gangs. (tokyoreporter.com)

Koki Tanaka, a former member of boy band KAT-TUN, was released from custody on Wednesday following his arrest for possession of marijuana, reports NHK. (tokyoreporter.com)

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