People delighted at Princess Mako’s engagement

The Imperial Household Agency and other sources say the princess is getting engaged to Kei Komuro, who works for a law firm.

Both are 25 years old. They met 5 years ago as students at International Christian University.

The princess is the eldest daughter of Prince and Princess Akishino, and is the first grandchild of the Emperor and Empress.

During his university days, Komuro took the role of “prince of the sea” in a tourism campaign for Fujisawa City, south of Tokyo.

Princess Mako studied at a British graduate school and works as a researcher at a museum in Tokyo.

Sources say she has introduced Komuro to her parents and received their approval. Their relationship has already been reported to the Emperor and Empress.

The wedding is expected to take place next year.

NHK has learned that Princess Mako is expected to become engaged to a man she met at university. (NHK)

The news that Princess Mako of Japan is getting engaged to a man she met at university has come as a pleasant surprise to those who know them. (NHK)

The Imperial Household Agency on Tuesday started free distribution of a guide app that supports six languages for visitors to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. (

The Japanese government adopted Tuesday a bill aimed at reducing seats and rezoning electoral constituencies for the House of Representatives in order to correct vote-value disparities. (Jiji)

China’s top diplomat is planning to visit Japan next month to lay the groundwork for a potential summit between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping in July, sources close to bilateral relations said Tuesday. (Japan Times)

Having heard that Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road, an about 180-kilometer-long cycling course in Ibaraki Prefecture, became even more visitor-friendly this spring, I tried out a section about 40 kilometers long between Sakuragawa and Tsuchiura. (

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan left the Yokosuka naval base, south of Tokyo, on Tuesday on a surveillance mission following North Korea’s ballistic missile launch on Sunday. (Jiji)

The wreckage of a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force airplane that went missing on Monday was found in a mountain area in the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said. (Jiji)

A group of major private music school operators said Tuesday they intend to take legal action against Japan’s largest copyright collection group after it emerged it would from next January levy copyright fees on schools using its music. (Japan Times)

The Japanese education ministry on Tuesday released draft plans for a new university entrance examination system, calling for fully shifting to privately managed English exams in fiscal 2020 or partially maintaining the current government-backed scheme for the subject until fiscal 2023. (Jiji)

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