Modi’s new growth recipe: Just add water

KONDHANE/NEW DELHI Like his father before him, Dattatatraya Kshirsagar, 80, has been looking forward for years to the day when a $65 million dam will be completed in his village, an hour-and-a-half drive southeast of Mumbai. The dam would supply enough water to irrigate 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres) of parched land around it, including Kshirsagar’s

Man charged with Celebgate hacks

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The attacks took place between 2012 and 2014 A man has been charged with hacking the Apple iCloud and Gmail accounts of celebrities and stealing nude photos and videos from them. The US authorities say Ryan Collins has agreed to plead guilty to the offence. Prosecutors have recommended that

Google urges self-drive rules shake-up

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Google thinks self-driving cars should not have steering wheels or pedals Google’s self-driving car chief has urged lawmakers to ensure the US sets consistent laws for the technology. Chris Urmson told a Senate hearing that the US Transport Secretary should be given authority over the matter rather than leaving

Meningitis B vaccine ‘not too costly’

Image caption Former England rugby union captain Matt Dawson is giving evidence to the health and petitions committees Parents of children affected by meningitis B have told MPs a vaccine for the disease should be extended to all UK children up to the age of 11. They say the cost of treating survivors left with

‘Not enough doctors’ for 7-day NHS

There are not enough doctors to run a seven-day NHS in England, according to a leading doctor. In a speech on Tuesday, Royal College of Physicians president Prof Jane Dacre will warn ministers the issue must be addressed if their policy is to work. She will highlight research that shows vacant posts are not being