No death sentence for Osaka murder

There remains “the undeniable possibility” of his mental disorder being behind the random attack by Kyozo Isohi, 41, as it was “poorly planned,” presiding judge Hiroyuki Nakagawa said.

This is the fourth case in Japan in which a death sentence delivered by lay judges has been overruled by a higher court.

In June 2015, lay judges at the Osaka District Court found that Isohi behaved purposively in the attack, fully understanding the circumstances surrounding him.

The Osaka prefectural government is likely to disapprove a plan by school operator Moritomo Gakuen to open an elementary school on a land plot it bought from the Japanese government in a questionable deal, it was learned Thursday. (Jiji)

The Osaka High Court on Thursday handed down an indefinite term to an unemployed man for killing two people in downtown Osaka in June 2012, overturning a death sentence given by lay judges at a lower court. (

Tires suspended from a US military helicopter were accidentally dropped on training grounds during an exercise on Wednesday at a US base in Okinawa Prefecture. (NHK)

The Bank of Japan has given the media a rare view of ongoing renovations to its main building. (NHK)

Two British language teachers who worked for Shane English School Japan filed suit Thursday against the school’s operator Shane Corporation Ltd., claiming that their dismissals were unfair and invalid. (Japan Times)

Basic wages in Japan increased 0.8 pct from a year earlier to 238,737 yen on average in January, registering the sharpest rise in 16 years and 10 months, the labor ministry said in a preliminary report on Thursday. (Jiji)

A Japanese high school cheerleading team has returned home after winning a US competition for a 5th straight time. (NHK)

Aomori Airport has gone to the EXTREME when it comes to snow removal. They’re so good at it that this airport has NEVER HAD A SNOW CANCELATION. Not once despite having the most snow on Japan’s main island. (ONLY in JAPAN )

A Japanese parliamentary vice minister who came under fire for being carried piggyback over a pond in a typhoon-hit area last year has tendered his resignation over a follow-up gaffe. (NHK)

Beyond radiation risks, an unexpected nuisance looms for Japanese returning to towns vacated after the Fukushima nuclear crisis six years ago – wild boars. (Japan Today)

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