Nissan’s new Leaf EV will see delayed delivery owing to improper safety inspection

Nissan Motor Co. launched a revamped Leaf electric vehicle Monday, but its delivery to some customers will be delayed due to improper safety inspections carried out at all of its six domestic assembly factories.

The automaker said Friday it is now unable to sell 60,000 new cars stockpiled at its plants and dealers because final safety inspections were conducted by unqualified personnel and did not comply with government regulations.

Nissan’s Oppama plant in Kanagawa Prefecture, a production base for new Leaf vehicles, was among the factories where the flawed inspections were conducted.

The carmaker said it can sell the new model produced on Sept. 19 and later as scheduled, as it corrected the faulty inspection method following instruction from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

But it will suspend sales of cars produced earlier, delaying the new model’s delivery to some customers, the automaker said.

The new Leaf can drive up to 400 kilometers on a single charge, 1.4 times longer than the previous model. Its lineup includes a model with an automated highway driving function.

The latest Leaf is the first full redesign since the company released the model in 2010.

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