NHK executives to return part of pay due to embezzlement scandal

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20:09 23 February 2016

TOKYO, Feb. 23, Kyodo

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK said Tuesday that all of its executive board members will voluntarily return part of their executive compensation to take responsibility for their failure to properly supervise a subsidiary at the center of a 200 million yen ($1.8 million) embezzlement case.

NHK, officially known as Japan Broadcasting Corp., said President Katsuto Momii will return 50 percent of his compensation for two months while five other executives will give back 30 percent for a two-month period. Six others will also return 10 percent for two months.

“There was a problem with our internal controls and we hold ourselves responsible,” Momii said in a statement offering an apology to the public.

NHK has revealed that employees of the subsidiary, NHK Integrated Technology Inc., were involved in the misappropriation of funds and have since been fired.


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