Mount Fuji climbing season begins

Hikers can now trek up to the summit, Japan’s highest peak. The Shizuoka side will open on July 10th. The mountain straddles the 2 prefectures.

A traditional ritual to pray for the safety of climbers will take place at a shrine on the mountain’s 5th station later in the day.

Mount Fuji was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013.

Following the designation, the prefectural governments began to ask climbers to voluntarily pay a 1,000 yen admission fee. They want to raise funds to preserve the mountain and to enhance safety measures.

A type of highly venomous ant has been detected at a container storage area in Nagoya port, central Japan. (NHK)

The climbing season started on the Yamanashi Prefecture side of Mount Fuji early on Saturday. (NHK)

Three former executives of Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), the company that operates the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, pleaded not guilty Friday as they stood trial for their alleged failure to prevent the nuclear meltdown disaster triggered by the 2011 tsunami. (Japan Today)

Police in Tokyo said Thursday they have arrested an unemployed 20-year-old man on a charge of forcible obstruction of business after he posted a message on the 2channel online bullet board, in which he said a bomb was set to go off at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. (Japan Today)

A twin-propeller plane made a belly landing Thursday at Nagasaki airport due to mechanical trouble, causing a brief runway closure and the cancellation of over a dozen flights, the airport operator and the transport ministry said. (Japan Times)

Japan’s space agency has proposed to a government panel a plan to send Japanese astronauts to the moon after 2025. (NHK)

The frequent tests and growing sophistication of North Korean missiles is prompting the Japanese government and the general public to think carefully about civil defence. What if Pyongyang actually did fire missiles at a major Japanese city? (

A Japanese budget airline apologised Wednesday for forcing a wheelchair-bound man to crawl up a set of stairs to board his flight. (

Farmers in Kagawa Prefecture, western Japan, have started shipping square watermelons across the country. (NHK)

A 42-year-old woman of Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly setting a man on fire, causing him to sustain burns over his entire body, police said. (Japan Times)

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