More high school students eat rice than bread: survey

Rice led bread as the breakfast staple of high school students for the first time since the bank’s dietary habits survey started in 2005.

More than 90 pct eat homemade boxed meals for lunch, while visits to convenience stores and fast food restaurants have not increased markedly since 2005, the latest survey showed, highlighting students’ preference for homemade meals over dining out.

The survey by the bank, the central financial institution for agricultural, fishery and forestry cooperatives in Japan, is the third of its kind, following ones in 2005 and 2012. The latest poll was conducted March 23-31 covering high school students in and around Tokyo, with valid answers received from 400.

Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada called on the international community on Saturday to increase pressure on North Korea in order to stop its nuclear and missile programs. (Jiji)

More high school students in the Tokyo metropolitan area usually have rice for breakfast than those who eat bread, according to a survey by Norinchukin Bank. (Jiji)

The number of foreign tourists who traveled on cruise ships to Japan hit a record high in 2016, thanks mainly to more budget tours from China. (NHK)

The total fertility rate in Japan in 2016 fell 0.01 point from the previous year to 1.44, while the number of babies born last year slipped below one million for the first time, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said in an annual demographic survey on Friday. (

Sota Fujii, the youngest professional shogi player, extended the winning streak since his pro debut to a 20th official game on Friday. (Jiji)

Japanese police have arrested 5 women for allegedly trying to smuggle gold from South Korea through an airport in central Japan. (NHK)

Investigative sources say a group arrested on suspicion of smuggling apparent gold into Japan on a small boat had met another ship from China on open waters. (NHK)

Japanese business leaders on Friday questioned President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. (Japan Today)

China said on Friday a Japanese citizen was being investigated for harming national security, following a similar case last month in which China said six Japanese were being questioned on suspicion of illegal activity. (Japan Today)

The Bank of Japan said Friday its total assets, such as its holdings of Japanese government bonds, stocks and other securities, has topped 500 trillion yen for the first time ever. (Jiji)

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