More fire ants found in Kobe

The highly poisonous ants are originally from South America. Their sting can cause anaphylactic shock, which may result in death.

Hundreds of them were found on May 26th in a container that was unloaded at Kobe Port and transported to Amagasaki, east of Kobe. It was the first time the ants were found in Japan.

The container came from Guangdong Province in China.

An emergency investigation by city officials on Friday found similar ants in Kobe Port, where the container was kept for 5 days. They were confirmed to be fire ants on Sunday.

About 100 of them were found in cracks in asphalt pavements and other places about 30 meters from where the container was kept.

Officials in the western Japanese port city of Kobe say about 100 more fire ants have been found in a container storage space. (NHK)

A petition drive by a small Kyoto-based political group requesting that Emperor Akihito move to Kyoto upon his abdication had drawn over 10,000 signatures as of Friday. (Japan Times)

A Japanese film has won the top prize in the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in southeastern France. (NHK)

The US Navy says it has found several bodies on the USS Fitzgerald destroyer. They are believed to be crew members missing after the ship collided with a Philippine-flagged container vessel off eastern Japan. (NHK)

Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a 31-year-old teacher in an alleged attempted arson case at a kindergarten in Miyakojima Ward last month, reports TBS News (

Now that Japan’s parliament has cleared the way for Emperor Akihito to step down, the government is starting to dig into the details of the process. (Nikkei)

The House of Councillors, the upper chamber of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, enacted on Friday a bill to revise the Penal Code to toughen penalties for sex crimes. (Jiji)

A government survey showed Friday that 55.9 pct of Japanese men took child care leave within two months after their wives gave birth. (Jiji)

A Japanese man accused of taking pictures up a woman’s skirt stabbed two court officers Friday as the verdict in his sex pest case was being delivered, a court spokesman and media said. (

The head of the Japanese Olympic Committee says he hopes the northern city of Sapporo will bid to host the 2026 Winter Games if procedures are revised in its favor. (NHK)

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