Man arrested for driving into scramble crossing

No one was injured in the incident, but the famed Tokyo scramble crossing was thrown into chaos for some time by the sudden intrusion.

Last Monday evening, a black van being chased by a police car ran through a red traffic signal and sped into the intersection just as pedestrians began crossing. The car eluded the police and drove away.

Police identified the driver as an employee of an engineering and construction company based in Sendai, northeastern Japan.

They arrested the man for reckless driving and for failing to report hitting traffic cones.

The suspect has reportedly told the police that he fled because he did not have his driver’s license with him, and feared he would lose his driving privileges.

A 31-year-old male driver briefly fell asleep at the controls of a commuter train traveling at 120 kilometers per hour in the Tokyo metropolitan area in September, the railway operator said Tuesday. (Japan Today)

Tokyo police have arrested a 52-year-old company employee for driving through a busy pedestrian crossing near Shibuya Station last week. (NHK)

Wholesale prices for popular frozen bigeye tuna, widely seen in supermarkets and “kaitenzushi” conveyor-belt sushi restaurants in Japan, are surging amid poor catches and international fishing regulation. (Jiji)

A little-known milky paradise awaits those who know where to look at this busy station in the capital. (

Toyota has closed its factory in Australia, ending more than half a century of the company’s auto-making in the country. (NHK)

Police have arrested two men on suspicion of stealing baseballs from a high school baseball club in Saitama Prefecture. The suspects, who were arrested on Monday, were former baseball teammates in junior high school, Fuji TV reported. (Japan Today)

Police in Chofu, Tokyo, said Tuesday that part of a human skull was discovered on the premises of Jindai-ji temple last week. (Japan Today)

Nissan Motor says it will recall about 1.2 million vehicles that hadn’t received pre-shipment inspections by qualified workers at all domestic plants. (NHK)

The stunning natural phenomenon looks more like an otherworldly dragon as it’s filmed slowly retreating up to the sky. (

A wild boar created havoc in a peaceful residential area in Nagasaki Prefecture on Sunday, terrifying a man in a wheelchair, biting two pensioners and smashing into both a motorbike and a car, police said. (Japan Times)

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