Hiroshima University’s ‘Indiana Jones of scientific world’ fined ¥300,000 for abusing student

The Higashihiroshima Summary Court has ordered a 56-year-old professor of Hiroshima University to pay ¥300,000 in fines for abusing a student, it was learned Thursday.

Biologist Takeshi Naganuma, who had been indicted summarily by the Hiroshima District Prosecutor’s Office’s Higashihiroshima branch for injuring a male student, has appeared in many TV programs and is known as the “Indiana Jones of the scientific world” because of his research on microbes living in polar and remote regions.

According to the university, Naganuma had a quarrel in March with the student, who belongs to his lab, injured him by sweeping his legs and making him fall down, and spat in his face.

Naganuma, who was found to have been using abusive language to other students as well, received disciplinary six-month leave of absence as punishment in July, univesity officials said.

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