GSDF veteran likely made bomb to kill himself

The blast on Sunday killed 72 year old former Self-Defense Force member, Toshikatsu Kurihara. Three others near the explosion suffered injuries.

The sources say police discovered what appears to be coil near the site of the blast.

Police suspect Kurihara blew himself up. They are examining his home which was destroyed by a fire the same day.

They quote eyewitnesses as saying that something the suspect was holding against his belly suddenly detonated, shortly after he sat on a park bench.

Police say metal-like remnants were scattered over an area about 40-meters wide.

Investigative sources have reportedly found evidence that suggests the man who died in an explosion at a park in Utsunomiya City near Tokyo detonated a homemade bomb. (NHK)

Having witnessed the massive influx of young people to the area around Shibuya Station in Tokyo on Halloween last year and the year before, the Metropolitan Police Department this year is planning to make the streets in the area partially vehicle-free. (

Police arrested a taxi driver on Monday for allegedly abandoning on the roadside a drunk passenger who later died in a traffic incident. (

Allegations of software-assisted cheating led the Japan Shogi Association to suspend top-ranked player Hiroyuki Miura from competition earlier this month, but a lack of hard evidence and a dubious investigation process has left more questions than answers about the controversial decision. (Japan Today)

A panel of experts urged the Japanese education ministry Monday to clarify the definition of serious school bullying cases and draw up guidelines for investigations of such cases. (Jiji)

Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force has invited the media to a drill of new duties the government is considering for its peacekeeping unit in South Sudan. (NHK)

The Bank of Japan is closely monitoring developments in the real estate market. It says financial institutions are lending more to the sector as property prices rise in the metropolitan areas. (NHK)

In a small coastal town on the Sea of Japan, Uber Technologies Inc. is deploying an unusual strategy. (

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 53-year-old male taxi driver over the assault of a man outside a restaurant in Fuchu City who later died, reports TV Asahi (Oct. 22). (Tokyo Reporter)

Japanese defense officials have measured noise levels from US Osprey aircraft at a Self-Defense Forces base in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo. This is the first time for the aircraft to fly over the Chiba base. (NHK)

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