Graffiti found at Zenkoji Temple

Temple officials in Nagano City reported the damage to police on Sunday.

Investigators say the vandalism, which mostly consists of white crosses, was found on pillars, walls and elsewhere in 8 buildings, including the main hall, which is a national treasure. The graffiti was also found on a gate and a warehouse for sutras. Both are important cultural assets.

The temple compound is open to the public 24 hours a day. Officials say they don’t know when the graffiti was drawn.

The temple is said to have dated back around 1,400 years.

In a similar incident 9 years ago, spray-painted graffiti was found in the main hall.

Graffiti has been found in dozens of locations at Zenkoji Buddhist Temple, a major tourist attraction in central Japan.

Physical strength and athletic ability of women aged 35-39 and 40-44 have fallen to the lowest levels ever, an annual survey by the Japan Sports Agency showed Sunday. (Jiji)

A dog checked as cargo by a passenger on a Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo’s Haneda airport Monday morning escaped before being loaded onto the plane, causing a runway to be shut temporarily and disrupting a total of 14 flights. (Kyodo)

Japanese Foreign Ministry Press Secretary Norio Maruyama on Sunday issued a statement noting the country’s shared objective with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, or ICAN, the winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. (Jiji)

A magnitude 5-point-9 earthquake has struck northeastern Japan. (NHK)

A drunk university student caused a delay in railway services after he was seen walking along a track bed in west Tokyo on Friday, reports the Asahi Shimbun (

Dentsu Inc was fined just 500,000 yen after a Tokyo court ruled it had made employees work overtime beyond legal limits – a case that followed a high profile death from overwork at the advertising giant. (Japan Today)

About 500 people enjoyed the first outdoor ski run of the season in Japan at a resort at the base of Mt. Fuji. The slope in Susono City in Shizuoka Prefecture opened on Friday. (NHK)

Following Kazuo Ishiguro’s winning of the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2017 the previous day, Hayakawa Publishing Corp., which sells translated editions of novels by the Japan-born British author in Japan, was busy Friday dealing with orders from bookstores nationwide. (Jiji)

As Japan moves within striking distance of beating the deflation that has plagued the nation for so many years, the leading parties in the Oct. 22 general election have laid out platforms that lean worryingly close to populism rather than offer ways to parlay this progress into stable economic growth. (Nikkei)

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