Govt. warns of ‘Pokemon Go’ accidents

The smartphone game app was jointly developed by a US venture firm and Pokemon Company. The investors include Japan’s Nintendo.

The augmented-reality game uses a smartphone’s camera and GPS function so that players can interact with virtual pocket monsters, or “Pokemon”, in real-life locations.

Japanese government officials are using Twitter and the LINE messaging app to urge people to exercise caution following reports that some players in other countries have had accidents or been injured.

The officials warn against playing the game while walking or riding a bike, and to be careful about heatstroke on hot days.

Smartphone game “Pokemon Go” made its debut in Japan on Friday morning. The app – which was distributed in Western markets prior to its release in Japan and surged in popularity – is also likely to be a big hit in the country that gave life to Pokemon. (

“Pokemon Go” was launched in Japan on Friday. The government is warning players of the global hit game to be careful to avoid accidents. (NHK)

The Japanese land ministry has decided to set up a program to allow vacant homes across Japan to be rented out to older people and low-income child-rearing families, informed sources said Friday. (Jiji Press)

The Japanese government resumed the construction of helipads for the U.S. military in Okinawa on Friday despite local protests, in preparation for the return to Japan of part of a large training area in the island prefecture.
(Japan Today)

The Japan launch of Pokemon Go on Friday included the game’s first partnership with an outside company: fast-food giant McDonald’s. (Japan Today)

Japan’s Supreme court rejected Thursday an appeal against a lower court decision to give the death sentence to a 31-year-old man for the murder of two family members of a former girlfriend in a high-profile stalking case in 2011. (Jiji Press)

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested an American youth in the sale of marijuana to students from an international school at a park in Shibuya Ward, reports TV Asahi (July 21). (Tokyo Reporter)

At least 80 rental condominiums operated by the Urban Renaissance Agency (UR) were misused by tenants as minpaku rental facilities, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. (

Is Honda’s walking robot Asimo marrying Pepper, the chattering robot from SoftBank? (Japan Today)

Police in Yuki, Ibaraki Prefecture, said Thursday they have arrested an unemployed 44-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 75-year-old mother at their residence. (Japan Today)

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