Govt to make owners responsible for pets’ safety in disasters

The “self-help” principle would be added to the ministry’s guidelines for local governments on pets’ evacuation in natural disasters, which will be revised soon, ministry officials said.

The revised guidelines would also stipulate that local governments have the role of assisting owners by improving the environment for accepting pets at evacuation centers, they said.

The ministry compiled the guidelines in 2015, after many pets were separated from their owners at the time of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan. The guidelines assume that pet owners take the animals with them when taking shelter.

When a series of powerful earthquakes hit Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan, and surrounding areas in April last year, many owners were evacuated with their pets. In some cases, however, problems as to the handling of the evacuated pets occurred at facilities used as shelters.

Japan’s Environment Ministry is considering making clear that it is owners’ responsibility to protect the safety and health of their pets when natural disasters occur, it was learned Tuesday. (Jiji)

People dressed as samurai warriors have marched in a procession at a World Heritage site in Nikko, north of Tokyo. (NHK)

The Japan Tourism Agency will tighten regulations for travel agencies to protect tourists in the wake of Tellmeclub’s bankruptcy in March. (Japan Times)

Mothers with young children in Japan are now spending more time on child care than household chores, thanks in part to their increasing use of time-saving appliances. (Nikkei)

The government will try to minimize restrictions placed on the private lodging business by municipalities concerned about noise and traffic jams in residential areas, officials said Tuesday. (Japan Times)

The U.S. has for the first time told Japan it has a “strong interest” in starting talks over a potential free trade agreement between the two countries. (Nikkei)

Amid the gloom and struggle that Osaka has gone through in recent years, a tourism boom has been an unexpected boon for Japan’s gritty second city. (Japan Times)

A 45-year-old male singer was not prosecuted for allegedly paying a teenage girl for an illicit encounter in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, it was learned on Monday, reports Sankei Sports (

Osaka Prefectural Police have sent 10 persons to prosecutors for using a public road near theme park Universal Studios Japan as a private track for a specialty form of auto racing, reports TV Asahi (

Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday confirmed that the 2 countries will coordinate to increase pressure on North Korea. (NHK)

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