Former marathon runner arrested for shoplifting

Hara, who represented Japan in two world championships and came sixth in the women’s marathon in Helsinki in 2005, allegedly stole food and cosmetics worth around 2,600 yen from a convenience store in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, on July 30, the police said. The 35-year-old has admitted to the allegation.

Hara is also known for having won the Nagoya International Women’s Marathon in 2005 and the Osaka Women’s Marathon in 2007.

The police were notified on Aug 3 after the shop manager noticed some items were missing while checking his stock.

The Japanese government has confirmed that all of its citizens in South Korea can be admitted to shelters designated by the South Korean government, should North Korea launch an attack on the South. (

Police arrested Thursday former world championship marathon runner Yumiko Hara on suspicion of shoplifting. (Japan Today)

A nonprofit organization based in Tokyo plans to identify the resting place of the Battleship Hiei (see below), which sank off the island of Guadalcanal during one of the fiercest battles of World War II. (

Big hair, leather jackets and a touch of danger — these were photographer Denny Renshaw’s first impressions of Japan’s “Roller-Zoku” gangs. (CNN)

A heavy-duty version of Japan’s H-2A rocket is now scheduled to lift off Saturday with a geostationary navigation satellite after a week-long delay to diagnose and resolve a leak in the rocket’s propulsion system, the Japanese space agency announced Wednesday. (

Japan saw the number of child abuse cases exceed 120,000 in fiscal 2016 to hit a new record for the 26th straight year, the welfare ministry said Thursday. (Jiji)

The northernmost island prefecture of Hokkaido is awash with wild cannabis plants. A relic from the once widespread hemp industry that was nearly wiped out following World War II, these plants are currently forbidden to touch unless by an authorized removal team. (

Japanese researchers say an extinct variety of otter formerly widespread across the country may still survive in southwestern Japan. The Japanese river otter was officially declared extinct in 2012. (NHK)

Japan’s Defense Ministry has decided to consider introducing a new US-made missile defense system known as “Aegis Ashore” in light of progress in North Korea’s missile development. (NHK)

Huge bonfires on mountains lit up Japan’s old capital, Kyoto, on Wednesday night in an annual Buddhist ceremony. (NHK)

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