First F35 assembled in Japan shown to public

The first domestically assembled F35 was unveiled at a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plant in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, on Monday.

In a ceremony, State Minister of Defense Kenji Wakamiya said the F35, the world’s most advanced type of fighter, will be important for Japan’s national defense. He added that he is sure it will help further strengthen Japan-US ties.

The F35 boasts strong stealth capabilities that prevent its detection by radar. The plane was developed by the United States and 8 other countries.

Japan was not part of the development team, but is responsible for assembling the plane’s fuselage and the manufacture of its radar systems and other parts.

Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force plans to introduce 42 F35s as its next-generation mainstay fighter. The first one will be deployed at its Misawa base in the northern Japanese prefecture of Aomori by March of next year.

Japan’s next-generation mainstay fighter aircraft, the F35 stealth jet, has been shown to the public. (NHK)

A 14-year-old boy from Osaka, western Japan, has been arrested for allegedly creating a type of computer virus called “ransomware.” (NHK)

A rock collected in 1965 by a then high school student in the city of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, part of the Chugoku region of western Japan, has been confirmed to be a dinosaur egg fossil, the city and the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum said Monday. (Jiji)

Railway operators in and around Tokyo have jointly launched a campaign warning people accused of groping not to flee by running along the railway tracks. (NHK)

Japan predicts that its second satellite aimed at establishing the country’s version of the Global Positioning System will generate markets of more than 2 trillion yen across a wide range of fields, such as engineering, construction, surveying and farming. (Jiji)

The World Bank said Sunday that it projects 1.5 pct growth in Japan’s real gross domestic product for 2017, up 0.6 percentage point from its previous forecast in January. (Jiji)

Police in Shirako, Chiba Prefecture, on Sunday arrested a 21-year-old woman on suspicion of dangerous driving resulting in injury after she plowed into a group of 10 university students, injuring four of them. (Japan Today)

Two Japanese tourists were believed to have been murdered during a boat tour of small islands while visiting Palawan Province in the southwestern Philippines, police have said. (Japan Times)

Fukuoka Prefectural Police have arrested about 10 persons, including the number-three boss the of Kudo-kai organized crime group, over the stabbing of a female bar employee in Kitakyushu City five years ago after her business began excluding criminal syndicates, reports the Sankei Shimbun. (

-Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said Sunday he has instructed government officials to be ready by the end of the month to tighten inspections of ship cargoes as part of stricter sanctions against North Korea. (Jiji)

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