Education ministry to send advisers to cut teachers’ overtime

Experts in operational efficiency and officials of local governments that have been trying out their own ways to cut teachers’ extra hours, will be sent as advisers to 20 to 30 education boards, upon request, ministry sources said.

Advisers will provide education boards with tips on how the workload undertaken by teachers can be reduced. Techniques learned will be compiled into a booklet to be shared with education boards across the country.

Experts include those familiar with improving the work environment and taking advantage of information and communication technology, or ICT, the sources said.

Local government officials will be dispatched by eight local governments, including two prefectures. Among them are Tokyo’s Suginami Ward, which accepts outside instructors for school club activities, and the city of Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture, which has the city education board collect and manage school lunch fees.

The search continues for a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force aircraft that disappeared from radar above the northern main island of Hokkaido on Monday. (NHK)

In a bid to help reduce teachers’ overtime, Japan’s education ministry will launch a program next month to send advisers to local education boards. (Jiji)

Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party failed on Monday to sum up opinions to strengthen countermeasures against passive smoking by revising a related law. (Jiji)

Japan and New Zealand agreed Monday to lead discussions at a ministerial meeting in Vietnam later this month of the remaining member economies of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to establish the free trade zone without the United States. (Jiji)

Japanese companies, municipalities and citizens have fallen prey to cyberattacks that began hitting targets worldwide late last week, it was learned Monday. (Jiji)

About 500 people wearing ancient costumes and hollyhocks paraded through the streets of Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto. The procession is part of a traditional festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year. (NHK)

Three men have been accused of gang-raping a woman at a love hotel in Edogawa Ward after drugging her in a restaurant earlier this year, reports Sankei Sports. (

North Korea says it successfully test-launched a new type of ground-to-ground ballistic missile on Sunday. (NHK)

A man waiting for a helicopter rescue on a mountain in Yamanashi Prefecture was fatally struck Sunday by stones and parts of trees possibly dislodged by the hovering chopper’s prop wash, local police said. (Japan Times)

The cyberattack that spread malicious software called ransomware is becoming a global issue, and Japan’s National Police Agency says it has confirmed 2 assaults inside the country. (NHK)

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