Drive recorder catches the moment a car flies into the front of an oncoming bus

At about 7:00 a.m. on 10 June along the Tomei Expressway, a sightseeing bus was heading from Toyogawa City in Aichi Prefecture to a day trip in Yamanashi Prefecture. However, just as it was passing through the vicinity of the Shinjo Parking Area, an oncoming car struck the median, causing it to go airborne and fly directly into the front of the bus.

A drive recorder on the bus captured the terrifying one-second incident.

Despite the dramatic damage dealt to the bus, everyone on board made it out alive. Of the 47 people, including the driver and guides, six suffered broken bones and 39 received only light injuries. The driver of the car, whom police identified as a 62-year-old doctor, sadly did not survive.

Another camera shows the inside of the bus in which the driver and a guide are sitting in the front. Although futile, we can see the quick reaction of the driver to try and avoid the car. Even more miraculous is how they could survive sitting only a few feet from the brunt of the collision. Oddly enough, it would seem their saving grace is that the car flew too high and landed near the top of the bus.

A freak car accident on an Aichi highway is captured in frightening detail. (

The manager of an adult entertainment business was stabbed by a man who then apparently jumped to his death in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro area, police said Sunday. (Japan Today)

A proposed ban on indoor smoking is likely to be postponed, as the health ministry and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party could not work out their differences in time to submit a bill in the current Diet session. (NHK)

A high school boy in Miyagi Prefecture went missing at sea Sunday after waves swept him and a friend from their dinghy while they were trying to return to shore, police said. (Japan Today)

In the face of acute labor shortages, a number of Japanese businesses have adopted four-day workweeks and others are looking at the option in a bid to secure personnel by offering more diverse ways of work. (Jiji)

A panel of experts of the Tokyo metropolitan government came up with additional pollution control measures for the Toyosu wholesale market on Sunday. (Jiji)

Tokyo metropolitan government officials are stepping up efforts to exterminate a deer species that is destroying crops on the Island of Izu Oshima. (NHK)

A student-led movement is campaigning to raise Japan’s minimum wage and improve the lives of low-paid workers, many of whom struggle to meet their basic needs despite toiling long hours. (Japan Today)

Sota Fujii, the youngest professional shogi player, marked the 25th straight victory on Saturday, making his official winning streak since turning a pro the second longest in history. (Jiji)

The US military says an emergency landing of the Osprey transport aircraft at an airport southwestern Japan was a precautionary measure to avoid any accident. (NHK)

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