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An Di: Vietnamese cuisine, Japanese sensibility

Were it not for the name on the illuminated sign hanging at the entrance, you would be hard pressed to identify An Di as a Vietnamese restaurant. Inside or out, there are no other clues — no flags or tourist posters, no signs advertising Saigon’s ubiquitous 333 beer — as what kind of food it

Sumikura: Creating odes to the quotidian bentō

Most visitors to Kyoto rarely venture west of the Katsura River. On the face of it, the western tract of the city of Kyoto pales in comparison to Higashiyama in the east, which feels as though it could crumble under the weight of world heritage sites and the tourist hordes ticking them off their bucket

Umbilical: Linking friends with fine food and wine

Tokyo is a tough place to open any business, especially your first restaurant. Along with kitchen skills and front-of-house nous, you need the right location, good connections and a strong underlying raison d’etre. A catchy name and some funky background music can’t hurt either, as the folks at Umbilical have clearly realized. This friendly, mellow