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Getting in the groove with ‘suribachi’ and ‘surikogi,’ the Japanese mortar and pestle

24 Jun

A home kitchen in Japan is typically filled with all kinds of electronic gadgets. Yet there are some food preparation tools that are so useful that they have remained the same, and in steady use, for hundreds of years. In addition to a set of good sharp knives, such much-loved traditional items may be worth […]

Kinki Daigaku Suisan Kenkyujo: Take the farm-grown bluefin tuna taste test

24 Jun

Some fish swim in universities. Or university-run fish farms, to be exact, and upon graduation they end up as sashimi served over a bed of crushed ice. This is the fate of the kuro maguro, bluefin tuna reared and harvested by Kinki University in Kansai, which has a satellite restaurant in both Osaka and Tokyo. […]

Entrepreneur seeks to wean Kong Kongers off eating meat

24 Jun

David Yeung believes that meat is the new tobacco. But the longtime vegetarian and practicing Buddhist won’t try to get you to stop eating meat. He just wants you to consider eating less of it. That’s what he’s trying to do with the citizens of Hong Kong, who collectively have the highest per-capita meat and […]

Beating the heat with food: ‘Hiyashi chūka’ cold Chinese-style noodles

17 Jun

If a Japanese dish bears the name chūka, meaning Chinese, chances are it’s not really Chinese at all, but a Japanese invention with Chinese-inspired flavors. Such is the case with hiyashi chūka, a cold noodle dish that is a popular summertime fixture. While there are cold noodles dishes in real Chinese cuisine, they are usually […]

Pizza Studio Tamaki: A challenger for the title of Tokyo’s best pie?

17 Jun

Tokyo’s best new pizzeria is not hard to find. Just a brief stroll from Akabanebashi Station, it faces out onto a quiet open space ringed with trees. You can’t miss it: the neon glowing over the door proclaims “Pizza” and, in smaller letters, the acronym “PST.” Pizza Studio Tamaki may be easy to reach, but […]

Association aims to raise the profile of sparkling sake

10 Jun

Around the world, the sound of popping corks brings just one thing to mind — Champagne. However, a new organization of sake producers is working to tweak that image. Launched last year, the Japan Awasake Association consists of nine brewers who are committed to raising the quality of sparkling sake — a category more closely […]

When it comes to restaurants, people steal the darndest things

10 Jun

Since time immemorial, silverware has found a way to walk out of dining rooms. But the golden age of modern restaurant theft occurred in the early 2000s. That’s when, as chefs became celebrities and dining out became high theater, well-designed restaurants turned regular customers into cunning thieves. In a story on the subject in 2002, […]

Ryo: Grilled eel perfectly paired with sake and relaxed style

3 Jun

Specialist unagi restaurants generally fall into two categories. Most follow tradition, evoking the old days when grilled freshwater eel was a humble food of the masses. Others adopt a more sophisticated, formal approach for their eel cuisine. But Ryo boasts a style very much its own. It doesn’t look much like a restaurant, either inside […]

Tokyo Beer Week underway with events across Tokyo and Kanagawa

3 Jun

Behind the usual assortment of fresh produce and their derivative goods at the UNU Farmers’ Market in Aoyama last weekend, Tokyo Beer Week 2017, which runs through June 11, was quietly kicking off by offering nearly four dozen taps of craft beer from in and outside of Japan. This year’s event spans venues in Tokyo […]

The British tradition of afternoon tea is alive and evolving in Japan

27 May

Although afternoon tea is a British tradition, Japan, too, offers an opportunity to enjoy tea time with all the luxurious trimmings. Traditional afternoon tea is generally served in a three-tiered stand. The lower plate contains a selection of dainty finger sandwiches (including the thinly sliced cucumber variety), and the second plate consists of scones served […]