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‘Le Moulin’ gives a voice to Taiwanese poets who wrote under Japan’s colonial rule

The word “nisshiki” (Japanese style) can often be seen on storefront signs in Taiwan to indicate chic, high-end products. It’s a little similar to what we in Japan associate with luxury items from France, though “nisshiki” is a holdover from the days when Taiwan was under Japanese rule (1895-1945). Documentary filmmaker Huang Ya-li tells me

Wonder Woman doesn’t need the kawaii treatment

If they did it to Cutie Honey and Fujiko Mine, they can do it to Wonder Woman. I’m talking about the kawaii treatment, which works like a kiss of death to bad-ass super-heroines in Japanese pop culture. Like Wonder Woman, Cutie Honey and Fujiko were butt-kicking superstars in an openly discriminating, rigidly patriarchal society. But

Top South Korean film director accused of assault

SEOUL – South Korean prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into award-winning filmmaker Kim Ki-duk on Thursday amid allegations that he hit an actress while shooting a movie, a spokesman said. Kim’s glittering career prizes include the Golden Lion for best film at the Venice Film Festival for “Pieta,” a brutal mother-and-son tale of revenge and