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Kyoto’s ambience is key to making KIFF special

KYOTO – Film festivals don’t take place in isolation: An interesting city makes for a more interesting festival, unless you are the sort of movie nerd who sees six films a day and lives on convenience store sandwiches. This is especially true of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, whose fourth edition took place

New film sheds light on nighttime nurseries

A Japanese documentary film that attempts to dispel negative perceptions about nighttime nursery schools is being released in Tokyo as a curtain-raiser for a nationwide run. The film, titled “Yakan mo Yatteru Hoikuen” (“Nurseries Open Even at Night”), aims to highlight the truth of struggling working and single mothers or single-parent families that are faced

The crafted sensuality of director Tran Anh Hung

When Tran Anh Hung enters the room for an interview with The Japan Times, a hush falls among the people gathered there. The staff speak in low, gentle tones and their gestures seem restrained. “It’s probably because I’m very sensitive to the sound of spoken words and peoples’ voices,” says the Vietnam-born director in English.

‘Poolsideman’: Bringing life to the mundane

In his three films to date, Hirobumi Watanabe has created a unique cinematic world. “And the Mud Ship Sails Away” (2013), “7 Days” (2015) and now “Poolsideman” (2016) were all shot in black-and-white in Watanabe’s native Tochigi Prefecture, with music by younger brother Yuji and cinematography by Woohyun Bang. All focus on socially marginalized men