Bullets for machine gun, hand grenade found in Kagoshima garbage

On August 23, a male employee at the Naze Clean Center, located in Amami City, found 100 bullets (measuring 7.5 centimeters in length) for a machine gun and one hand grenade (11 centimeters long) while sorting waste. “I got a little scared later after I picked up [the bullets] and realized how heavy they were,” the employee said.

Kagoshima Prefectural Police confirmed that the items are genuine. However, since gunpowder was not present inside there was no risk of explosion, according to police. For this reason, the articles are not illegal, police added.

The Naze Clean Center receives waste from five cities, towns and villages on Amami Oshima. It is not known where the ammunition and hand grenade came from.

The center requests that residents who are unsure about the proper disposal of hazardous items to consult with the facility in advance.

Police divisions from Tokyo and Ibaraki Prefecture on Wednesday announced the arrest of five persons, including an organized crime member, and seizure of more than 30 billion yen in stimulant drugs in the bust of a suspected trafficking ring. The seizure is the largest confiscation nationwide this year, police said, reports Jiji Press (tokyoreporter.com)

Ammunition and a hand grenade were found in garbage brought into a waste-processing facility on the island of Amami Oshima last week, reports TV Asahi (tokyoreporter.com)

A Kyoto University research team said that it has confirmed the safety and function of cells produced from human induced pluripotent stem, or iPS, cells that were transplanted to monkeys exhibiting a model of Parkinson’s disease. (Jiji)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his British counterpart Theresa May held unofficial talks in Kyoto on Wednesday. She arrived in Japan earlier in the day. May is visiting the country for the first time as prime minister. (NHK)

Investigative sources with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police revealed on Wednesday that security camera footage shows a man suspected in the murder of his 26-year-old former girlfriend carrying a suitcase, possibly containing her body, out of the residence they shared, reports Nippon News Network (tokyoreporter.com)

New “shachihoko” ornaments for the towers of Kumamoto Castle in the southwestern Japan city of Kumamoto went on display Wednesday at a tourist facility near the castle, which was heavily damaged by powerful earthquakes in April last year. (Jiji)

The parents of a 27-year-old former part-time city worker who committed suicide in 2015 filed a lawsuit Tuesday demanding ¥13 million in compensation from the Kitakyushu Municipal Government, claiming their daughter was overworked and harassed by a supervisor. (Japan Times)

A Japanese probe orbiting Venus has observed especially strong winds over the planet’s equator. (NHK)

Struggling Japanese electronics maker Toshiba has received a new offer on the sale of its flash memory unit. (NHK)

Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso has retracted a controversial remark that could be seen as defending Adolf Hitler. (NHK)

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