Blackout in Tokyo after fire damages cables

The fire broke out at one of TEPCO’s underground facilities in Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo.

The utility said underground cables were damaged, and that it is investigating how the fire started.

The company finished rerouting the power supply in about an hour.

The fire was almost extinguished about 4 hours later.

No injuries have been reported.

Government offices in central Tokyo were affected due to the power failure. The Tokyo High Court and District Court were without power for about 30 minutes and officials had to reschedule some trials.

Traffic lights were out at about 200 locations, and police officers were deployed to control traffic.

A Japanese government spokesman says Japan has lodged a protest against China over gas field development in the East China Sea. (NHK)

A blackout hit parts of Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon following a fire involving underground power cables. Tokyo Electric Power Company attributed the power outage to the fire, and said 586,000 households were affected. (NHK)

A main building of a castle in Kumamoto has been opened to media for the first time since strong earthquakes hit the southwestern prefecture in April. (NHK)

Toyota Motor Corp. and Suzuki Motor Corp. said Wednesday that they will study forming a business partnership in fields including environmental, safety and information technologies. (

Musashino University in Tokyo has apologized for an online message posted by one of its professors, a former businessman, making light of deaths from overwork. (Japan Today)

Organizers want the rowing venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to remain at its original location rather than be moved to a site in Miyagi Prefecture. (Japan Today)

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The Tokyo Fire Department has conducted its first flight test of a drone designed for disaster response. (NHK)

Ibaraki Prefectural Police have arrested a man for allegedly dressing in a police uniform to defraud a teenage girl by claiming she exceeded the speed limit on her scooter, reports TV Asahi. (Tokyo Reporter)

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