4-way talks agree on 2 Olympic venues

These are for the rowing and canoeing events, and for swimming. But the decision on the volleyball venue has been postponed.

Attending the meeting in Tokyo on Tuesday were Tokyo’s Governor, the president of the Tokyo organizing committee, the Cabinet minister in charge of the Games, and the vice president of the International Olympic Committee.

They agreed to build a new facility for the rowing and canoeing-kayaking events in a Tokyo waterfront area as initially planned, but at reduced construction costs.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike had earlier suggested moving the venue to an existing facility in the northeastern prefecture of Miyagi, an area devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The 4 group leaders agreed to try to utilize the Miyagi facility as an advance camp for the events.

They also agreed to stick to the original plan to build the Olympic Aquatics Center for swimming events, but with 15,000 seats rather than 20,000.

Leaders of 4 groups reviewing some of the venues for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games with an eye to cutting costs have agreed to build new facilities for 2 sports in Tokyo as initially planned. (NHK)

Prince Akishino, the younger son of Emperor Akihito, said on the occasion of his 51st birthday on Wednesday it was “good” that his father had expressed his desire in August to abdicate out of concern about his age. (Kyodo)

The Japanese government plans to draw up by the end of this year guidelines aimed at increasing wages of nonregular workers to some 80 pct of those of regular employees, informed sources said Tuesday. (Jiji)

An avalanche hit three university students on the Tateyama mountain range in central Japan Tuesday morning, leaving one dead. (Jiji)

The House of Representatives, the powerful lower chamber of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, passed a controversial pension system reform bill on Tuesday. (Jiji)

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida says he will continue to work toward Japan’s hosting of 3-way meeting of the leaders of Japan, China and South Korea by the end of this year. (NHK)

The average scores of Japanese elementary and junior high school students in mathematics and science marked the highest levels in 2015, an international survey showed Tuesday. (Jiji)

Hiroto (大翔) and Aoi (葵) were ranked as the most popular baby names for boys and girls in 2016, according to a survey conducted by Meiji-Yasuda Seimei, a major insurance company in Japan. The company surveyed 8,947 baby boys and 8,509 baby girls who were born this year and whom they insured. (Japan Today)

A highly contagious avian flu outbreak has been confirmed at poultry farms in Niigata and Aomori prefectures, forcing local governments to cull more than 300,000 chickens and ducks on Tuesday. (Japan Times)

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 40-year-old man for molesting a woman on a train in Higashi-Murayama City, reports TBS News (tokyoreporter.com)

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